You are now looking KRK’s website which is guilds official channel to inform along with Facebook. From the website you can find answers for big life issues and useful information about guild’s events.

Koneenrakennuskilta ry is the subject organization for mechanical engineering students in Lappeenranta University of Technology, LUT. It is loosely translated Machine Building Guild. In Finnish technical universities, all subject associations are called guilds. Our Guild is founded to plead the case of its members in university’s and student union’s matters and also to arrange different kinds of parties, sauna evenings and educational events.

The Guild was founded in 1974 and it has around 700 members. Every year about 70 new freshmen starts studying mechanical engineering in LUT, off which nearly all become members of the KRK. Together with the student union, freshmen are guided to be charming ‘koneteekkari’, mechanical engineering students. KRK’s official color is orange which is also the color of our overalls.

Master’s students can join the Guild normally. Exhange students cannot currently join entirely, but may buy the orange overalls and participate in Guilds activities. For more information about the Guild, please contact our International Affairs person. Updated information of our events can be found from our Facebook page.

Mechanical engineering guild offers overalls to all of its members for free. And to join the guild you need to pay one time fee of 10€. But at this moment only if you are doing your whole masters/bachelors in LUT you can join the guild. BUT if you are an exchange student and you would still like to have the overalls you are still able to buy them for 50€ but only by contacting me through email: Martin.Peralahti@student.lut.fi.

Information how to join the guild! Pay 10€ to IBAN: FI93 8146 9710 2387 25 BIC: DABAFIHH To the message write your full name, town you live in, jäsenmaksu for example: Martin Perälahti, Lappeenranta, Jäsenmaksu.

About the overalls and getting them: At this moment we only have a few old overalls left and there is no guarantee on the sizes, but there will be a new shipment which arrives probably in January 2019. You can contact the guilds international responsible if you are interested to try on the older ones, or to order the correct size for yourself. Bring a receipt or a screenshot of the payment when you are picking the overalls up. Orders for the new overalls ​MUST​ be made before 01.11.2018. Contact information email: Martin.Peralahti@student.lut.fi